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Campaign Kicks off! A personal message from Mark Hunter

April 6, 2010 8:52 PM
Mark and the Lib Dems are campaigning hard to keep up his record of action in our area

Mark and the Lib Dems are campaigning hard to keep up his record of action in our area

Dear all,

Today Gordon Brown finally called the General Election for Thursday 6th May. This election is a chance for real change for Britain - not change back to the way things were under the Conservatives but real change that works for you. Only the Liberal Democrats can deliver that change.

Over the next month, I'll be working hard to show how Lib Dem proposals will make Britain fairer. That means more funding for schools and scrapping tuition fees to give every child a fair start in life. It means raising the income tax threshold which would take the lowest earners out of tax and save most people £700. It also means cleaning up politics in Westminster.

The choice in our constituency is between myself and the inexperienced Conservative newcomer - Labour can't win around here. The message time and again on the doorstep is that after 65 years of Labour and the Conservatives in Government, it is time to change the failed two party system for good. Everybody knows that it is only the Liberal Democrats that have a real record of action in our area and work hard all year round - not just around election time.

I've been delighted that so many local people have asked to join my team of volunteers. Perhaps you could deliver leaflets around your street or help me knock on doors to speak to other voters? Or could you display a poster in your garden? If you can help in any way, please reply to this email and let me know.

It's a sad fact that elections cost money. The Conservatives are funded by big business and tax exiles like Lord Ashcroft and while Labour get large donations from the unions. The Lib Dems rely on people like you to make it a fair fight. If you could spare just £30 - a pound a day between now and the election - or whatever you can afford, it would be a real boost to my campaign. Again, if you can help, please just reply and let me know.

Between now and polling day, I'll be out and about in our area, meeting local people and listening to their concerns - the same thing I've been doing all year round. Do say hello when you see me on the campaign trail!

Best wishes,

Mark Hunter MP