Stockport Station cash confusion

December 10, 2009 6:14 PM
Mark is demanding the Government give Stockport what they promised

Mark is demanding the Government give Stockport what they promised

Stockport Council will be forced to fork out its own cash to help fund the improvements announced for Stockport Station, the government has admitted to local MP Mark Hunter.

In response to parliamentary questions, the government admitted to Mr Hunter that:

In an official statement from the Department for Transport, it was disclosed that the Government would 'challenge' Stockport Council and the rail industry to raise part of the money for the station. When the £50 million announcement was made, the government made no mention of this.

The Government's "station expert", Chris Green said earlier this month that the work "should take six months" and suggested that Stockport would receive £5 million. However, the Transport Minister revealed to Mr Hunter that the station improvement would in fact not be ready until 2014, and indicated that the amount of funding to be given to Stockport was still unknown - leaving Stockport Council in the uncomfortable position of not knowing how much they will have to fund themselves.

Commenting, Mark Hunter MP said:

"What game is the Government trying to play with Stockport? First we were told it would take six months to revamp the station, then we're told five years.

"Once again, the Government has made a headline grabbing announcement and fudged how it will be paid for.

"You cannot give away a gift and then ask someone else to foot the bill."

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