Local MP celebrates 40th birthday of Parkinson's Disease Society

April 30, 2009 4:22 PM

Mark at a 'drop in day' of the local Parkinson's Disease Society held at the Stockport Guildhall

Mark Hunter, MP for the Cheadle constituency, has tabled a special Parliamentary motion congratulating the Parkinson's Disease Society on its important anniversary and calling for the Government to support voluntary research grants to help support research into the disease and its cure.

The motion (Early Day Motion 1315), which has already gathered over 50 signatures from MPs in all three major parties, welcomes the work the Parkinson's Disease Society does for the 120,000 people living with Parkinson's disease. £40 million of the charity's money is used to fund research into the disease and has contributed to major breakthroughs in this area of medical research including the discovery of genes associated with inherited Parkinson's disease and drug treatments for the disease.

Commenting Mr Hunter said, "I was very pleased, as a member of the Parkinson's Disease group in Parliament and a keen supporter of our local group here in the constituency, to be able to sponsor this motion on behalf of the Parkinson's Disease Society. The work the Society does to support research into the cause of Parkinson's, improving treatments and equipment, and ultimately finding a cure is incredibly important to the thousands of people suffering from this disease.

"The Society's work to provide information and advice to those suffering from Parkinson's disease and their families I know is widely appreciated by the people struggling to cope with the disease when they're first diagnosed and as it develops. As well as providing this support through the Society's helpline, there is a network of over 330 local branches and support groups to offer support and advice and confidence to those managing the condition.

"Parkinson's is a serious and debilitating disease and research into all aspects of it deserves the wholehearted support of the Government. We need a commitment that the Government will continue to support the voluntary sector research grants until a cure is discovered."

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