Local MP to present local students' letters to PM

April 28, 2009 2:25 PM

Mark with students from Cheadle Hulme High School with their postcards

Mark Hunter, MP for the Cheadle constituency has visited local schools taking part in the 'BIG READ' campaign supported by Oxfam.

Cheadle Hulme High School and Kingsway School both took part in the BIG READ as part of the 'Send my friend to school' campaign 2009. The campaign is part of the Global Campaign for Education, an organisation which aims to ensure that children across the road have the chance to get an education by 2015. 'Send my friend to school' campaign is run by lots of organisations including charities and teaching unions, and had brought together thousands of students in the UK who want the Government to ensure that they keep their promise, made in the Millennium Development Goals, that every children should get an education by 2015. With only six years to go until the 2015 deadline, 75 million children worldwide still don't have access to an education.

For the 'Big Read' campaign Cheadle Hulme High School and Kingsway School students presented Mr Hunter with postcards and letters written by the pupils themselves to the Prime Minister about the campaign.

Mr Hunter MP said, "Global leaders promised in the Millennium Development Goals that everyone would have access to an education by 2015. It's very worrying that with only six years until the 2015 deadline 75 million children world wide are still missing out on an education. Unless we make real progress towards this there will still be 40 million children out of school when we reach the deadline.

"Access to an education is not only a human right but is fundamental to improving health (including HIV and Aids), access to jobs, reducing poverty and improving community involvement. It's a sad fact that there are still 774 million adults across the world who do not have basic reading and writing skills. Without these skills people cannot, for example, read the instructions on medications or fill out an application form for a job.

"We need action on this issue now and it's very encouraging to see students in this country taking decisive action to promote this worthy cause - I will be presenting their letters to the Prime Minister to raise this issue with him."

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