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Action on climate change begins at home

May 14, 2007 2:02 PM
Solar Panels

Solar panels can help combat climate change

Local MP Mark Hunter spoke out in Parliament this week on the importance of beginning action against climate change at home. Mr Hunter spoke about the difference that individuals can make by taking small yet important steps such as recycling and investing in renewable energy sources.

Mr Hunter also welcomed the 'green initiatives' initiated by the Liberal-Democrat run Stockport Council, such as the introduction of the green waste bins. Stockport Council has the best recycling record of any Metropolitan Council, with 33% of all household waste being recycled.

The debate, which was called by the Liberal Democrats, gave Mr Hunter the opportunity to criticise the Government for failing to adequately incentivise 'green behaviour'. The Low Carbon Building Scheme, designed by the Government to provide grants to those wishing to integrate renewable energy schemes into the household, was shut in March after the monthly capped grant was allocated to householders in 75 minutes.

Speaking after the debate, Mark Hunter MP said: "It is really appalling that the Government is doing so little to encourage individuals to go green. With solar panels costing up to £7,000 it is often impractical for households to spend such a significant amount at once without assistance. The Liberal Democrats have a solution to this, the 'energy mortgage', this would allow homeowners to borrow the money to install these energy saving solutions and then pay it back gradually from the money saved in energy bills.

I am very proud of the strides that Stockport Council is taking on green policies and hope that other local Councils will follow suit. Individuals need to be encouraged to believe that they can make a difference to the environment and that the collective work of individual actions can help stop climate change."