Tory campaign reeling from shock new revelations - Lib Dems

July 9, 2005 11:20 PM
Stephen Day

Stephen Day

The Liberal Democrats have today exposed a misleading campaign leaflet produced by Stephen Day's negative Conservative campaign. The Conservative leaflet highlights five people who all say that they will be voting or supporting Stephen Day. But the names of the five people do not feature on the local voting list.

Stephen Day's negative campaign has had a bad week with a front-page editorial in the Stockport Times condemning his campaign for "electioneering of the worst kind."

The Conservatives, following intervention by solicitors acting on behalf of the Liberal Democrats have also withdrawn another campaign leaflet.

Mark Hunter's election agent Hilary Stephenson said:

"Once again Stephen Day's negative campaign has been caught out trying to mislead local people. Local people must be asking whether Stephen Day's campaign can sink any lower.

Their aggressive, nasty and personal campaign is an affront to the people of Cheadle".

Local Lib Dem Mark Hunter said:

"Local people say that they will not support the negative and personal mudslinging that is coming from the Conservative Party campaign.

"In contrast to this, I will continue Patsy Calton's campaigns such as the fight for more police, better Government funding for local schools and the completion of the vital A555 link."

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